Past Presentations

Past UWI Fete Presentations

UWI Fete 2015: 25

Machel Montano, Dil-e-Nadan, Roy Cape All Stars and 3 Veni with KI had the sold out crowd lapping up their sweet soca and chutney music from start to finish.

UWI Fete’s famous for its fabulous foods and fine drinks. always within a breath of desire, made people remember why they always go to the UWI Fete.  And as is the UWI Fete tradition, Tripolians took guests chipping to their cars at the end of the party.

Set on the lush UWI Principal’s Grounds in St. Augustine, there is nothing like UWI Fete in T&T Carnival.

UWI Fete 2015: 25 Highlights

UWI Fete 2014: Brasil

In 2014, UWI Fete transported you to Brasil, the land of sun, sand and samba with unforgettable performances by Stalin, David Rudder, Dil-e-nadan, Imij & Co, KI and JMC 3Veni and Roy Cape and his All Stars.

UWI Fete 2013: Yalla!

UWI Fete’s 2013 line up included Kes the Band, Dil-E-Nadan, KI & 3veni, Roy Cape and his All Stars, with a special back-in-times session featuring Rudder, De Mighty Trini, Stalin and Oscar B.

UWI Fete 2012: Zangalewa

UWI Fete’s 2012 line up included Kes the Band, Karma, Dil-E-Nadan, Roy Cape and his All Stars, with a special back-in-times session featuring Nelson, Stalin, Shadow and Ronnie McIntosh.

With an African-inspired décor by Randal Halfhide of Another Idea, UWI Fete 2012 brought to life the rich cultures of Africa.
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UWI Fete 2011: Bollywood

In 2011, patrons enjoyed 2 parties in 1 Fete. Designed to ease congestion, we provided two stage area options for feters. The band list included Kes the Band, Karma, Dil-E-Nadan, Roy Cape All Stars with performances from David Rudder, Baron, Black Stalin & Benjai.

Tasty treats included authentic Indian cuisine, local Indian cuisine, Creole and Arabian Delicacies. Those with a sweet tooth enjoyed Khurma, Ladoo, Goolab Jamoon & Sawine.

UWI Fete 2010: China

For our 20th Anniversary in 2010, we celebrated by giving you China (the traditional 20th Anniversary gift).

We enjoyed a mega-performance by Bunji, Fay-Ann & the Asylum band with surprise guest Super Blue. The rest of the lineup included Kes the Band, Karma, Roy Cape All Stars & DJ Crosby.

UWI Fete 2009: UWI Isle

Machel made his first appearance at UWI Fete in 2009 and expressed how much he had longed to be a part of the experience. He reminisced that in years past, he would sit at his nearby home hearing the on-going fete and wished that he was performing.

The rest of the lineup included the HD Family’s Patrice Roberts, Zan and Farmer Nappy, Destra appeared with Atlantik, the Roy Cape All Stars & DJ Crosby.

Rave Reviews for UWI Fete

UWI Fete 2015 – Labelled as one of the most anticipated events of the carnival season, UWI brought no disappointments as avid attendees came out in full to partake, participate and party. […] The feature artiste “Monk Monte”, Machel Montano delivered a full performance with the full band, including Farmer Nappy, Alison Hinds and Skinny Fabulous.


UWI Fete 2014 – Great vibes at this fete, this is the place to hang out with your siblings or your parents and still see all your friends or your usual once a year, carnival only friends.  The crowd is not the youngest but it’s a great sampling  of Trinis of all ages.

Trinidad Carnival Diary

UWI Fete 2013 – It is without hesitation, I the D’ Party Maco do endorse this yearly event, simply because partygoers always seems to get their monies worth, something all other promoters should note.


UWI Fete 2013 – The theme this year was “Yalla” and I really liked that they tried to be cohesive with the theme from the time you entered the venue. Complimentary scarves were given along with your wristband which many people used to accessorize their outfit. Hookas,henna, belly dancing and even a decorated photo tent were all in keeping with theme.

Trinidad Carnival Diary

UWI Fete 2012 – Wow, I know the menu was available  on UWI Fete’s Facebook page for weeks leading up to the event but I was still impressed by the variety of food in person. […] Everything I had tasted great, no complaints. Kudos to the “fancy” square disposable plates that were used.

Trinidad Carnival Diary

UWI Fete 2012 – Dil-e-Nadan would go on to deliver a first class performance that had even fellow musicians commenting that they did a great job. […] KES the Band too did well on the evening […] where American actress, Tatyana Ali were dancing throughout their roughly 45 minute set. Later […] artistes such as the Black Stalin, Ronnie MacIntosh and Lord Nelson took the people back to the good not so old days performing some of their most loved hits of the years accompanied by Roy Cape.

Trinidad Express

UWI Fete 2012 – One female patron from New York shared, “I’ve been coming to UWI for the past eight years and every year it gets better. I flew into town just for this fete because it offers a diversity that I can’t encounter at any other party.”

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